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Review for the PlayStation DualShock 4 V2 Wireless controller

Dualshock V2 IPhone XS Max

I want to tell you about the purchased Sony DualShock 4 V2 gamepad. It was purchased as a second controller for the Playstation 4 Slim game console, which also comes with a second version gamepad. And after Apple allow supporting Sony DualShock4 starting from IOS 13, this gamepad became much worth buying for gaming on different platforms, which is saves your money.

Delivery set:
1. Gamepad
2. Packaging
3. Manual / warranty card

The Micro-USB cable is not included. I use a pre-purchased 3-meter cable for this purpose, which allows me to sit more comfortably and further on the sofa from the console itself using DS4 as usb controllers. Although after purchasing a second gamepad, one can be permanently charged while playing the other.

Comparison of Dualshock 4 with Dualshock 4 v2

dualshock4 V1

DualShock 4 V2

In fact, there are no major changes, this is a modified version of the first version. The appearance remained almost unchanged. The case materials have changed. The gamepad itself has become completely matte without glossy panels, which is a plus. The gloss was covered with scratches and fingerprints. Ergonomics and weight remain the same – it is convenient to hold in your hands, the buttons fit perfectly under your fingers. The battery capacity remained the same-800mA, although according to reviews on the Internet-increased autonomy, but not much. Before that, I used Dualshock 3 (from the Playstation 3), which had to be charged much less often. The light panel is now not only at the bottom, but also reflected from the top by a stripe on the touchpad. Sticks on subjective feelings are not subject to such strong wear as on the old revision, but it is better to order separately on them nozzles. The weight of the controller has decreased-210gram. Finally, the design of the L2 and R2 triggers has changed a little. Inside, they have locks that prevent them from breaking when pressed hard.

Under the “Playstation” button there is a 3.5 mm Jack for connecting the headset and an “ext” expansion port for connecting to a special dock. Above is a small speaker that plays individual sounds in games (you can disable it in the settings). In the center is a touch panel (convenient for entering characters), which is also an additional button. To the right and left of it are the “options” buttons to enter the context menu and “share” buttons to take a screenshot / record a video and share it with your friends on Twitch or Twitter. Personally used to take screenshots in the game Uncharted 4. Funny thing.

The glowing panel changes color depending on the gameplay, for example, the health of the character. In this version (v2), it finally makes sense, previously, the indication could be seen by flipping the gamepad. Now it is displayed as a thin bar on the touch pad. The controller itself has a gyroscope, accelerometer, and vibration drive. Because of this, in some games, the gamepad can be used as a Move controller. Autonomous operation – 6-7 hours (with the minimum brightness of the light panel).

Connecting to Playstation 3:

To start, you need to connect the controller to the console with a cable, then go to “Settings” – “settings for additional devices” – “manage Bluetooth devices” – “Start scanning”. Disconnect the cable and press the “playstation” and “share” buttons on the controller simultaneously. As soon as the controller is found, connect it again with the cable to the console and select “wireless controller”. The main drawbacks are a limited number of games that support this connection, the gyroscope does not work, and the “playstation” button does not work to exit games (you need to exit the game via the” native ” gamepad from the Playstation 3 or turn off the console via the power button”

Connecting to Playstation 4:

You can connect up to 4 gamepads. When you click the “playstation” button, the gamepad is registered by the system. When connecting the second and subsequent gamepads, you need to create a new local profile. For each registered controller, a specific color of the light panel is assigned.

Connecting to a PC:

The first and easiest way is to support this gamepad in many recent games. In particular, through the Steam client, which supports connecting Dualshock 4 in three ways: via a usb cable, via a bluetooth adapter, and via a proprietary adapter from Sony.
The second method is to use third-party programs. DS4Windows; DS4Tool; InputMapper; Xpadder. There are many instructions on the Internet for connecting via this software.

Dualshock V2 IPhone XS Max

  • Advantages:
    – Comfortable ergonomics
    – Matte (not branded) plastic
    – Design
    – Quality and reliability
    – Full / partial support for major game systems, best controller games on Steam as a steam link alternative and be used as MFI-controller starting IOS 13 “out of box”
    – Gyroscope, touch panel, built-in speaker and earphone Jack
  • Disadvantages:
    – Autonomy (partially solved by reducing the light illumination and disabling the gamepad speaker in games)
    – Erased sticks (solved by purchasing separate attachments)

In comparison with the first version, the changes are minor and are more “cosmetic” in nature. In General, the impression of use remains only positive, despite small shortcomings that can be eliminated yourself in the process of operation. I recommend buying not only for Playstation 4 owners, but also for those who are looking for a gamepad for games on a personal computer.

Next time I’ll make a comparision review of two interesting products: Alienware VS Razer outstanding.

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