Razer Kraken Quartz Edition gaming headset

Razer decided to upgrade its Kraken line and released a new gaming most durable headphone headset. Now I will tell you about its features and share my experience of using it.

Razer recently released an updated version of its legendary Kraken gaming headset. And everything would have been fine, but the name remained the same. So be careful, because you may accidentally buy a completely different version. Ours is called Razer Kraken (2019). And there are also Kraken 7.1 Chroma, Kraken Essential, Kraken Pro V2, Kraken Tournament Edition and their various variations, and it are good sound isolating headphones.

I got a review of the Razer Kraken Quartz Pink Kitty Edition headset for the company. But the designers decided not to stop there and also released a black, black with blue inserts, white and ours “mimimi” pink version with ears and without.

What kind of animal is this?

The developers were well aware that the Kraken line was a great success among the gaming community. These headsets were used at eSports tournaments, gaming events, and casually at home as best noise isolating headphones. Therefore, the idea came up to improve them in such a way that the characteristics became better and the comfort of use reached a completely different level.

We started Razer with audio software and provided the headset with excellent 7.1 sound. It allows you to more accurately determine the source of sound during the game and quickly respond to the movement of opponents. This will not make you invincible, but it will be harder to sneak up on you.

The shackle has become thicker, so it distributes the load on the head even more effectively. Do you remember how tired you used to get after spending a few hours with headphones on? Now this problem is partially solved. In addition, there is an aluminum frame inside the shackle — it is light, flexible and very strong.

There were also unique features that would make this model stand out from the rest. This time, Razer decided to add a cooling gel pad to the ear pads. What for? And so that your ears do not overheat during hot virtual adventures. It is assumed that the gel should prevent heating, effectively ward off heat and comfortably wrap around any ear. I’ll tell you later if this is any use.

The microphone is installed here built — in-it can be easily shoved into the earpiece, so as not to interfere. Technically, it is cardioid (unidirectional). This means that the sound will be read only from your side, and everything that happens on the sides and behind will remain behind the scenes. It is very convenient when one of the relatives decides to turn on loud music in the next room or vacuum the carpet (not to mention active Pets).


On the box I was waiting for the factory seal-the manufacturer’s guarantee that no one had opened it before me.

Very important thing, pay attention to it.
For gamers. From gamers.

After the “autopsy” of the patient, the standard slogan of Razer immediately caught my eye – “For gamers. From gamers”.

In Addition to the headset itself and the cord, the equipment turned out to be a standard “raiser”. I found two stickers, instructions, and a thank you from the company’s CEO.

It is noteworthy that the headset is not USB — it needs to be connected via a 4-pole 3.5 mm Jack that is located at the end of a 130-cm cord (but it will also work like regular headphones with three pins). The Jack itself is angled (90 degrees). This is wildly convenient, both for a computer and for mobile devices. I believe that all headsets should have such a plug.

The kit also includes an extension cable 2 meters long and weighing only 20 grams, as well as two convenient reusable rubber ties.

During use

After spending a whole month with this headset, I want to tell you more about its design and specifications.
The wire has a classic separation: pink color – microphone, green – sound.

The wires were wrapped in a fabric braid, which is unusual — they weigh very little and have no bending resistance. It’s like holding shoelaces in your hands.
The microphone retracts directly into the body of the headphones. Very convenient — it is always with you and easy to pull out.

Bendable microphone

Take a closer look

The microphone bends very easily and at different angles. It feels like there are metal joints inside, which allows you to bend the microphone in any way, and it will still maintain the set position and not bend back.


On the shackles there are serifs with numbers on the shackles. This is very convenient — you can remember a convenient position once and quickly switch to it. On other models, I usually kept the number of clicks in mind, but here everything is clear. By the way, the shackles are made of metal.

Beautiful and comfortable

The frame here is made of leatherette, and on the inside there is a fabric mesh. In my opinion, this is an ideal option, because if there is also skin inside, it will eventually get dirty, and the head will sweat.

Cooling ear pads

When I found out that there is a special cooling gel in the ear pads, I wondered if it really works. It turned out that they really cool the area around the ears. The feeling as if I washed my hair with a shampoo with a cooling effect (who used it-will understand). But the effect passes quickly enough. And this is not a problem, because by that time all attention is switched to the game or work, and there is no time to think about overheating 🙂

As for the ambient temperature, at 25 degrees, cooling is clearly felt, at 30 degrees, the effect is no longer noticeable. Probably, the gel is heated by hot air.
The ear pads are removable, which makes them easy to clean and maintain the speakers at the same time.

Flexible cord

On the cord there is a remote control with a slider to turn on/off the microphone and a volume control wheel. The wheel has a very small stroke and it turns easily. So, it is easier to use it to turn on / off the sound, and it is easier to fine-tune the volume on the device.

You won’t be able to configure the headset in the Razer Synapse proprietary software, because the connection is not via USB.

Technical parameters

Now I will tell you about the parameters of the headset and its features:


  • Colour availability: Green, Quartz Pink, Console (Black & Blue), Black

  • Frequency response: 12 Hz – 28 kHz

  • Impedance: 32 Ω @ 1 kHz

  • Sensitivity (@1 kHz): 109 dB

  • Input power: 30 mW (Max)

  • Drivers: 50 mm, with Neodymium magnets

  • Inner ear cup diameter: 54 mm x 65 mm

  • Connection type: Analog 3.5 mm

  • Cable length: 1.3 m / 4.27 ft.

  • Weight: 322 g / 0.71 lbs

  • In-line control: volume control wheel, microphone mute toggle


  • Frequency response: 100 Hz – 10 kHz

  • Signal-to-noise ratio: > 60 dB

  • Sensitivity (@1 kHz): -45 ± 3 dB

  • Pick-up pattern: Unidirectional ECM boom


  • Audio Usage: Devices with 3.5 mm audio jack

  • Audio + microphone usage: Devices with 3.5 mm audio + mic combined jack

  • Audio / mic splitter adapter cable usage: Devices with separate 3.5 mm audio and microphone jacks

Pros and cons

I’ll start with the pros:

Little weight — less stress for the head and neck.
Convenient wires-laces, including a plug-comfort first of all.
Removable ear pads with gel — a little cool for hot gamers.
Flexible built-in microphone — you will not lose it and it is always with you.
They work with any device that has a 3.5 mm Jack — they are connected to both a computer and set-top boxes (for example, to the Nintendo Switch).


Confusing marketing name. You can mistakenly buy some Kraken V2, thinking that this is a new version.
The volume control on the remote is too sensitive.


Razer Kraken 2019 in all its glory

Razer has once again released a bright product for gamers that should suit them in all respects. Comfort in use, structural strength, all sorts of things like cooling the ears, compatibility with any device — and what else do you need? The only difficulty is in choosing a color — if this becomes a problem, choose pink, you will not lose 🙂


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